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The Ryte Impact

At Ryte, we care about helping to shape the digital world. Our software enables businesses to thrive online, by ensuring they achieve higher quality content, better accessibility, and an even stronger UX and technical health.

However, it’s not just the digital world we want to support, we also realize that the physical world needs some crucial optimizations too. As well as pledging to make our office and software even greener, we want to make an impact by assisting your NGO with full access to our services and expertise.

This new program aims to accelerate the growth of your NGO by helping you with crucial website improvement projects to gain a stronger online presence, better awareness, and more donations online.

At Ryte, we are committed to helping NGOs on their mission to educate and counteract climate-change by putting the full extent of our resources behind this program, pro bono.

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Why is website optimization so important for your NGO?

Your mission is a strong one but that message might not be reaching enough supporters if your website isn’t fully optimized for search engines and the people that use them. We understand that SEO and UX strategies are not always cheap, straightforward or easy-to-implement, which is why we want to help.

According to Double the Donation, having a mobile-optimized donation page is more important than ever as “half of all nonprofit website traffic last year came from mobile and tablet users”. However, securing mobile donations is more difficult than on desktop browsers, simply due to technical issues.

On a daily basis, we help websites with their technical challenges, content deficits, and in discovering growth potential, so we’ve accumulated plenty of know-how to share with you to help you provide a stronger online experience and secure even more donations across mobile and desktop devices.

What can you expect from us:

What will help us out when working together?

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